I’m pretty sure that each one of you is familiar with the following words:




But I am also certain that many of you mistook them for being synonyms.  Before I became a design student, my views were similar. When randomly a teacher asked in the class to differentiate between these three things, I was confused. I couldn’t really understand how to tell these things apart from each other.

And now that 6 months of my studies have passed, I can proudly say that art, craft and design are indeed different and with my explanation under, I’m sure that you can too:

  1. Art- Art is a form of visual beauty made using the creative application of both mind and skill.
  2. design-design is a work process that gives creative solutions to general problems.
  3. craft- craft is any tangible form that is intended to be used for some purpose other than pure decoration.

I hope you enjoyed the first post. I’ll see you happy readers next week with a new blog.


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