Ever heard of an ‘inspiration board’? Let’s understand the words one by one for more clarity.
Now, inspiration is the process of being mentally stimulated to do something creative and board is a medium where we can jot down or draw stuff. Hence, clearly inspiration board is a board where we collect visuals which help us get inspired to do or make something creative.

My inspiration board mainly has images of elements from Tholu Bommalata that caught my attention the most. I want to highlight the following aspects of the craft through my inspiration board:


·        Translucency:

It is fascinating how leather can be made translucent by soaking it in a mix of water and alum and then scraping it to achieve the desired thinness for it to become translucent.

image·        Shadows:
Thollu Bommalata is a famous form of shadow theatre puppetry. A white sheet is hanged and then with the help of a light source from behind, the audience gets to see the shadows and not the actual puppets dancing.


·        Perforations:
Tiny holes are pierced on the body of the puppets and nowadays on all decorative items that are made using this craft. It looks breathtakingly beautiful when light passes through these holes.


·        Use of only lines and dots and movement:
All the puppets and artifacts are made using only lines(straight and curved) and dots.The simplicity of using such simple elements of design adds to it’s aesthetics. Also since they are puppets, their brilliant movements makes the theatre form extremely entertaining to watch.

Here is the image of my inspiration board:





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