It’s now been six months since I joined college. Till now, I have inculcated the ability to make creative decisions along with the ability to modify and improvise art and ideas and this is exactly what this module expects from us students. By the end of this module, the module guide expects us to maintain a visual diary where we record each and every step of the process as well as our progress. This will help us to understand how proper documentation has to be done of various data collections, data, visual and material skills.


We were given 5 topics to choose from:

  1. Craft: – craft is any tangible form that is intended to be used for some purpose other than pure decoration. Every craft is indigenous to its place of origin.
  2. Folk Art: Artistry from a place carried on by the people living in a particular region.
  3. Tribal art: Artistry by the people from a tribe.
  4. Bio mimicry: bio mimicry is an approach to plan out sustainable solutions to human problems keeping in mind the nature and its time tested patterns and strategies.
  5. Design movements: Design movement is the movement that sets a trend in an era and is based on following and promotion of it by a group of people.


The 3 topics that I chose for my project are:

  1. Kanchipuram sari
  2. Temple jewellery
  3. Tholu Bommalata

Out of these three topics, I chose tholu bommalata. I was inspired to take and study Thollu Bommalata as my topic because it was only after my visit to Dilli Haat that I realised that I own a lamp shade made using the same craft. But to my amazement, on further data collection I came to know that the lamp shade and all the other wall hangings and other artefacts that I saw at dilli haat were indeed inspirations and modification to the original craft of Thollu Bommalata which was puppetry. Tholu bommalata is the art of shadow puppetry from the state of Andhra Pradesh. Another reason for selecting this craft is because it is near extinction and I want to put in all my effort to promote and encourage this beautiful art form.

Stay tuned to know more about Tholu Bommalata.


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